5.5x6mm Black Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet - 8 inches

This Freshwater cultured pearl bracelet is among the plethora of freshwater pearls available each yearunlike saltwater pearls whose perfectly round shapes and mirror-like luster make them a true paragon. This is why freshwater pearls are so affordable. Whereas saltwater pearls are investment grade quality, freshwater pearls are closer to costume jewelry in their prices. Regardless of their price or rarity, freshwater pearls are nontheless beautiful and veru fashionable.

C.I. Boys Gladia Sports Series Master Box (10 unique figures, 14 extra)

The [* C.I. Boys Gladia Sports Series *] is the perfect gift for sports fans who loves designer toys. These boys are all about bringing sports to the extreme! Diving, football, hockey, bike riding, no sport is too tame for these gladiator heros. ===== These figures come packaged in a blind assortment. The C.I. Boys Gladia Sports series is comprised of 10 creatively designed 2" figures. The 10 figures are: [+ Angry Bull Deri; Bloody Iceman GO; Devil Jockey Xcite; Evil Slugger Hiro; Killer kendo Poka; Run U Over Migu; Shark Killer Deri; Tough Guy Nomi; White Angel TO-7 +] Each figure is put into a sealed opaque plastic bag/box by the manufacturer. Therefore, we do not know which figure the buyer will be getting. One master box contains 9 figures from the series, plus one mystery figure.

One master box of 24 two-inch figures, all 10 unique figures in the series + 14 duplicates.
Limited quantity popular Asian art toys. Highly stylish and has very great collectible value.
This series of toys are great gifts for video game and anime fans!
Cute enough for girls, yet cool enough for boys.
Great gift for birthday, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.