WEDGiTS eXplorer Pak 125 - 125 Piece Set

The 125 Wedgits eXplorer Pak offers creative dimension and geometric linking. The eXplorer Pak allows kids build all different kinds of aircrafts, space ships and command centers that look like they come from another planet all while helping them explore the farthest corners of their imagination. Included in the package is a hands-on construction guide that offers 'Wedging Tips and Techniques' and a step-by-step instructions on 'How to Build the X-orbiter'.The eXplorer pack encourages social skills as children get together to build and align using angles and dimensions. Compatible with all Wedgits products. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Hands-on instruction guide that offers wedging tips and techniques
Step-by-step instructions on building the X-Orbiter
Recommended Age Range 3 to 11, Great family product

Large Turquoise 3 Stone Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is made up of 3 Kingman turquoise stones set in sterling silver. Delicate silversmithing has been done around the stones to add to the design.

In Stock--Ships Immediately!

Fits a 7-1/2 inch wrist, approximately. One-of-a-kind piece.

3 Kingman turquoise stones.
Sterling silver setting.
Fits a 7-1/2 inch wrist.