Selmer 7710 Reed Case Clarinet/Alto Saxophone - Holds 10

Selmer Reed Case Clarinet/Alto Sax - Holds 10

Reed Case
Keep your reeds safe
Holds 10

Hohner 56 96 Echo Tremolo Harmonica (Key of C/G)

Musical Instruments
For more than a century, these double-sided harmonicas have been a player favorite. Two keys are available on each individual instrument. The Echo?s precision tuned reeds create a beautifully blended vibrato tone. The double row of holes on Tremolo Harmonicas creates music with a distinctive vibrating (vibrato) effect. This is produced by the bottom row of holes and the top row of holes being played at the same time and tuned to the same note, with the top row tuned just slightly higher. This special tuning enables the player to make the tremolo sound which is especially popular for ballads, gospel and folk music.   Due to health regulations this item cannot be returned.

Wood Body and Maple Wood Comb
Double-sided instrument - 2 harmonicas in 1!
0.9 mm brass reed plates and sainless steal covers
Opposing sides are tuned a fifth apart
96 Reeds